PowerMic Mobile - 3 Years

PowerMic Mobile - 3 Years

PowerMic Mobile is the latest innovation from Nuance®, an app for your iOS or Android™ device that allows users to dictate from anywhere at any time. PowerMic Mobile gives users some additional freedom and flexibility to work untethered from your office computer. You can create instantaneous digital documentation without the use of transcription services. Just download and install the PowerMic Mobile app to your smartphone or device.

Please note: This product requires an active subscription and installation of Nuance® Dragon® Medical One.

With the latest innovation from Nuance, the PowerMic Mobile app, users can dictate and create documentation from virtually anywhere at any time. It gives you the additional freedom and flexibility to do your documentation from a Smartphone whether in the field, or back in the office, while connected to your Dragon® Medical One software.

You probably didn't realize that you have a dictation device already, your iOS or Android smartphone or device. But, thanks to PowerMic Mobile, you can turn that device into a powerful but user-friendly dictation source that can navigate through any Windows-based operating system as well as Microsoft® Office and Windows Outlook.

You can easily download the PowerMic Mobile app to your smartphone, and installation is simple. So you will be ready to start dictating quickly. Dictation in the field, on the road, or from home, has never been easier than with PowerMic Mobile. Any time you need to make notes, or update documentation, your smartphone and PowerMic Mobile can make that happen. Give yourself better mobility with PowerMic Mobile.

  • Smartphone Minimum Requirements
    • iPhone 5 (with iOS 8.0) or later
    • Android 4.3 or later
  • Internet access through Wifi or phone service provider is required